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Re: PostgreSQL - proposed package

>>"Oliver" == Oliver Elphick <olly@linda.lfix.co.uk> writes:

Oliver> 1. postgres95 divided the upstream source into 4 sections:
Oliver> postgres95, postgres95-dev, libpq1 and postgres95-doc. While I
Oliver> can see the point of most of these, I am not sure of libpq1:
Oliver> would it be acceptable to bundle the library in with the
Oliver> development system?

	What does libpq1 do? What is in the -dev package? 

Oliver> 2. PostgreSQL provides interfaces for C (libpq), C++ and TCL.
Oliver> Should these be separate packages or can they again be merged
Oliver> into the development package?

	Do these interfaces have different dependencies? Does the
 python interface require python (I don't have that installed
 anymore)? If the dependencies are there, then separating out the
 interfaces shall enable me to pick and choose what I like (Don't
 forget the perl5 interface).

Oliver> 3. What should be done with the software in PostgreSQL's
Oliver> contrib area?

	We have an xcontrib package. If the stuff builds, and is even
 mildly useful, caould we please have it packaged?


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