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Re: Joining the Project

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Gerhard Poul wrote:

> which projects can need a programmer to help them??

There are several,  one is the Diety team,  which is working to replace
our current nice-frontend-package-installer with a nicer interface with
cool features.

If you are good at system administration,  you might want to contribute to
the Debian Documentation Project at

Otherwise the way most people join the project is to find some software
that needs a maintainer (to package it,  and possibly to do some small
porting work to function quite right),  package it,  and then ask for an
account on master.  I don't think anybody who's provided the right bona
fides has ever been turned down for membership.

There's even a list of packages that
a) nobody's working on,  but somebody would like to see in debian
b) somebody was working on,  but had to drop it for whatever reason.

Check out
and see if you have an interest in maintaining any of those.

If you need help getting started I'm willing to try to help,  but I'm
pretty new to a lot of this myself.

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