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Re: Meaning of `source code'

In article <m0xScpW-00IjFbC@golem.pixar.com> Bruce wrote:
>I think you've read the GPL incorrectly. He can be distributed the intermediate
>C code for use in bootstrapping the compiler, but he then has the right to ask
>for the Eiffel source code in machine-readable form.
>This is exactly the same as if he had been distributed a program in binary
>form only, and then later on he went back to ask for the source. The person
>who had distributed to him the binary program would be obligated to provide
>that source on request.

Unless that person was the original author of the program.  I just
posted another message going into this in detail, but the gist was
that the original author is not bound by copyright licences.

It's common for GPLed programs to incorporate code from other authors,
too.  In that case, each of them can insist that the other distributes
source for any binary he distributes.  If the program is the work of a
single author, though, you can't force him to give you the source.

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