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gnuplot - development plan


according to the debian faq i'd like to publish my development plan.

since the gnuplot package was on the list of packages needing a new
maintainer, and since i prepared successfully a new libc6, xlib6g
gnuplot package for myself, i contacted current maintainer
(joostje@debian.org) and he sort of agreed that i could take over the
package from him.  joost was kind enough as to agree to help me out
with testing the new gnuplot package i prepared, to make sure it's
okay before first uploading.

so, my developement plan is: 

  - to become a debian developer (following the faq i'll contact 
    new-maintainer@debian.org real soon)
  - to release gnuplot's new upstream version (3.5beta6.336)
    with a little bit restructured package docs, etc.

p.s. is there someone - who already is debian developer - willing to
maintain gnuplot package?  if yes, please email me soon, since i plan
to contact new-maintainer@debian.org tomorrow...


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