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My platform for the project leader election

It's time for me to post my platform for the project leader election.

First, I'd like to say it would be fine for Ian Jackson to be elected
project leader. He cares deeply about the project, he's a good software
architect, and I think he's been with the project for as long as I
have. However, I think that I will do an even better job than him in
1998. I may endorse Ian for the 1999 term if he wishes to run then.

Let's go back over the things I've done for the project. The pivotal
1.1 release happened under my leadership, and we've since gone on to
the mature 1.3 system. Debian has flown twice on the Space Shuttle and
has been used for many other important applications. I initiated the
Official CD program, which has gotten many thousands of Debian CDs into
people's hands at an absurdly low cost, without burdening the project with
the mechanics of CD production and mail order.

I initiated the Debian Social Contract and the Debian Free Software
Guidelines, which have set our course for the future and have brought us
much respect in the free software community and even outside of it. I have
worked with other Linux distributions and the computer industry to make
Debian a leader in collaborative efforts with Linux distributions and
even commercial Unix producers such as the 86open standard. I initiated
the Open Hardware program.

I've lectured on Debian at computer shows all over the world, and I've made
sure that we've been seen as the equal or better of any commercial software
distribution. I've made the importance of free software known to many.

Our membership has more than doubled in size under my leadership, and we've
gotten about $6000 in money donations this year and thousands per month in
donations of services. We've gone from being an informal club to a powerful

Through all of this I've held the project together somehow, although it has
not always been easy or fun. I've had to grow a very thick skin.

In 1998, I will continue the course I have already charted for the
Debian project. I will hold the line on our current free software
policies, supporting the Social Contract and the DFSG. I will continue
the growth of the Debian system, working with commercial companies
where necessary to improve our distribution without compromising our
principles, and working with individual developers to increase the
quality of the system. I will continue Debian's leadership role in the
free software world, working with FSF and other organizations to
actively get the free software message out to everyone, and encouraging
developers to produce free software that meets Debian's guidelines.
I will uphold Debian's open development model, and will not affiliate
Debian with any new closed development projects, nor will I allow another
closed development project to be initiated within Debian.

I will serve as a builder of consensus among the developers, as I have
until now. I will continue to vest power in the hands of the developers
rather than a board of directors, and will operate SPI's board as trustees
of its property rather than as directors of the project.

For 1998, I will continue Klee Dienes as Operations Manager of the Debian
project, and Tim Sailer as Treasurer. I definitely want Ian Jackson and
Brian White to have leadership roles in the project if they wish to serve.
Either of them would make a good Engineering Manager in 1998, and there are
enough technical roles available to keep both of them busy. Having said that,
I think I should leave the question of who I designate as Engineering Manager
open until after the election.

	Respectfully Submitted

	Bruce Perens

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