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Where is Guy?

Hi all,

With the ink still wet on my degree, I moved across the country from
Austin, TX
to Thousand Oaks, CA (about 50 miles west of downtown LA).  I've got
temporary living now, but I've found an apartment and am getting all my
stuff on Friday.  I'll find an ISP and will hopefully be fully online
sometime next week.

Regarding some issues - 

A bo-additions (or whatever) directory sounds pretty reasonable.  This
is easy to implement.

Having dinstall announce and close bugs is easy.  The final decision on
debian-policy looks ok.  Easiest is for me to require people to apply
the patch in
and then I can just look for a Closes field.  I don't currently parse
the Changes field.  I can implement this in a few minutes.

Regarding the new upstream mktemp, I think it could just go into
debianutils too.  I'll keep the tempfile utility I wrote around till
people fix their package.  That'll have to wait till next week.

The maor@ece.utexas.edu still works, btw.  It's just getting dumped to a
file right now.


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