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Security page updates badly needed

I made two attempts this fall to get a replacement for Chris Hudon
to update the security pages while he is on vacation. They didn't
succeed. This reflects poorly on Debian as we are often the first
to actually correct security problems. But an outsider looking in
will think we haven't done anything in months.

The page is now so out of date that input is needed regarding any
package that has any security related problems over the last three
months. If you maintain a package that has been affected by a security
problem (even if the Debian version was ok), let me know.

Take a look at the security page and send me all the information
needed to create an entry similar to the ones currently on the page.
As I don't have time to keep up on all the security problems (the
reason I haven't been maintaining the page), please put '[web update]'
in the subject so I know it is a web page update. An entry for
Samba is badly needed.

Regarding future updates. Chris has better e-mail access in Berlin now so 
it is not clear to me whether he is now able to resume his duties. Chris?
If he is still unable, then we will need a new person until he returns.
Note that I don't need anyone to do the actual updates to the pages
as that is trivial. This would only be a temporary position as Chris
can't afford to stay in Europe forever. :)

I'd like to see this cleared up soon.

- Sue

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