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Re: Wierd crashes

>> On Fri, 31 Oct 1997, Philip Hands wrote:
>> > Have you installed set6x86 ? It is supposed to cure overheating Cyrix's.
>> Yup,  installed.  And I don't think heat's the problem,  because all I
>> have to do to get it working again is reboot (hit the reset button).  I
>> would think if it was a heat problem that I'd need to let it cool off a
>> while before it would work.  Maybe not though.

 It might not be the CPU, but the regulators near it. 'Extra fans on a case 
 never hurt anybody' :) And the amount the CPU cools down in seconds
 is a lot smaller than it heats up in ....umm...  longer time. 

 You don't have any logentries about or near this showing anything?

 OTOH it might be something through the net, some drivers (2.0.31??)

 Swapping parts and cross-checking is the only way out. Believe me, 
 today I spent 5 minutes to find a 'not attached' power-cord ;-) 


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