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Re: qmail-src (was RFC: New source packaging format)

Philip Hands wrote:
> Presumably I can do this by having the following packages:
>  qmail-src:    contains the source
>  qmail-build:  a pseudo package that depends on qmail-src, and 
>                builds qmail.deb in its postinst.
> Should qmail-build try to install the qmail_*.deb it creates ?

If it builds qmail in the postinst, you can't have it replace itself,
because you can't run dpkg to install a package in a postinst.

> Should I have the binary package replacing the build pseudo package ?

Personally, I use qmail on several computers, and it would be an annoyance
to install qmail-build on each and compile qmail on each when I could
compile it on one and install the package on all. So I'd prefer if
qmail-build was more like kernel-package and generated a qmail .deb that I
could use elsewhere.

see shy jo

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