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TCPQuota, new package


(this is the third time I try to post this message, the
first two I got it back, so if you already have read this,
try to ignore it this time... :)

  My name is Turbo Fredriksson and I and a friend have
under the last year been working on a project, called
'TCPQuota'. TCPQuota, when run on a gateway/firewall
between the Internet and a local network, can debit
users and hosts on the local net, going out on a PPP
or ISDN link...

  The user loggs in on the gateway, and can from there
telnet/ftp etc. to the outside world, and pay his/her
part of the phone bill. The user can also run a program
on the server ('ut', swedish for 'out'), which adds
the host the user is comming from in the masquerading
table, which means that the user can use a local program
to access the Internet...

  We, CCW (Computer Club West), which is a user assosiation
located in Gothenburg/Sweden, is using this software
to let our members access the Internet without letting
us pay for the phone...

Mvh Turbo

- -----------------------------------------------------
 Turbo Fredriksson               Tel: +46-708-685140
 AmigaAdmin of CCW                  turbo@tripnet.se
 Astronomgatan 61                       turbo@ccw.se
 S-415 17 Goteborg                      amiga@ccw.se
 SWEDEN                         www.ccw.se/turbo.htm
- -----------------------------------------------------

Version: 2.6.2i


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