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Re: policy on editor/pager support


Did you see my recent posting "about `policy weekly' postings"? I did not
receive any answers, so I'll just ask you what you think about it. 

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, Steve Greenland wrote:

> On Oct 8, ig25@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de wrote:
> > schwarz@monet.m.isar.de wrote:
> > >This was the exact reason why I started to document all policy
> > >changes/discussions in the "POLICY WEEKLY" postings. As these postings are
> > >sent to both lists (debian-policy and debian-devel)
> > 
> > I never received them on devian-devel.  Maybe they weren't getting out?
> I, too, went into worry mode when I read this. Then I went and looked
> at Christian's website, and saw that "POLICY WEEKLY" is in fact "POLICY
> EVERY-SO-OFTEN-AS-NEEDED". There seem to have been only 3 issues so
> far: June 15, July 6, and August 8. So you haven't missed the "weekly"
> summaries. :-)
> (Christian, I'm not suggesting that you *need* to send out the summaries
> every week. Whatever you think is appropriate is fine with me. I just
> think putting "Weekly" in the title may raise expectations, and worry
> people who don't see one every week.)

You're right. I already though about changing the name. What about `POLICY
NEWS LETTER?' Or do you have a better suggestion? (Note, that I'm not a
native English speaker.)



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