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Re: Placement of console device for `virtual-dev' package

On Sat, 4 Oct 1997, Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote:

> >So the shutdown script should be modified. How about this:
> >
> >if grep -q " /dev " /etc/mtab
> >then
> >	# /dev is on a seperate FS.
> >	exec 0>&- 1>&- 2>&-
> >	reopen=1
> >fi
> >umount -a
> >if [ "$reopen" ]
> >then
> >	exec 0<>/dev/console 1>&0 2>&0
> >fi
> Well, having now played around with this a bit, I found that it doesn't
> work.  umount's warning doesn't appear any more, but that's just
> because it has no way of communicating with the outside world -- /dev
> is still mounted afterwards.
> It seems that this is because /etc/init.d/{halt,reboot} is run by
> /etc/init.d/rc, which still has its std{in,out,err} connected to
> /dev/console.  I'm beginning to think that it would be best just to
> remove /dev from /etc/fstab and be done with it.  /dev wouldn't be
> unmounted, but this causes no problem, at least that I can detect.

	It shouldn't be removed from /etc/fstab (in fact, I think it
shouldn't be written there).  It should be removed from /etc/mtab
(there is where the system keeps track of the mounted filesystems).

	I think that'll be the best solution; IMHO, ramdisks don't
need to be unmounted.

Juan Cespedes

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