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Re: Security web page

> > Is Martin willing to bring the security data up to date and do the job
> > until Chris Hudon returns?
> I think you mean Martin == Joey, so no!  I'm willing to help Chris where
> I can.  I'm not going to take over this job.  This would be to time consuming
> for me.
This is exactly what I want to know. Does Chris have the time to do this?
He seemed pretty busy.

> > If not, is someone else willing to do this?
> > If you already read bugtraq, this should be a big job.
> > 
> > Do Chris Hudon and/or Klee Dienes have the time to do this long term?
> Some day Chris will go back to .ca and will have full net.access again.
> > If not, should there be a security bug manager?
> I thought this is Chris.

This also isn't clear. I thought the main thrust of the security team was
for package integrity. If this is under their mandate, then fine.

My whole point in asking such simple, direct questions is to make sure
we don't go around in circles. It is not clear to me that we are all
looking at this the same way. The security pages haven't been updated
in over a month and I want this cleared up soon. I'd like to hear Chris'
take on all this.

Magossa'nyi A'rpa'd <mag@bunuel.tii.matav.hu> may be willing to fill in
for Chris while he is gone. FYI, the responsiblity of this job is to
keep up on bugtraq and any other bugs that come to debian-private,
and determine if Debian could be affected. This usually involves contacting
the maintainer of the affected package. The results can be fed to
me for updating the web pages. When there is a solution to the problem,
this also gets sent to me for inclusion to the pages.

When there is a stable maintainer, it looks like we will implement a
debian-security-announce (or debian-bugtraq-announce) mailing list as well.

- Sue

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