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Re: Uploaded sendmail 8.8.7-3 (source i386) to master

'johnie@netgod.net wrote:'
>Format: 1.5
>Date: Wed,  1 Oct 1997 14:02:01 -0400
>Source: sendmail
>Binary: sendmail
>Architecture: source i386
>Version: 8.8.7-3
>Distribution: unstable
>Urgency: low
>Maintainer: Johnie Ingram <johnie@debian.org>
> sendmail   - A powerful mail transport agent.
> sendmail (8.8.7-3) unstable; urgency=low
> .
>   * No longer depends on deliver (#11655).
>   * Updated to Standards-Version
>   * Corrected typo in debian/rules which prevented tcpwrapper support from
>     working.

Has anyone else played with the tcpwrapper support?  I have and I
decided I didn't like it: the access control it provides is too
granular and the price is more DNS and identd network traffic.  I
don't think it is worth it.  Should this be disabled?

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