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Re: dpkg bugs?


	Looking at Behan's page about deity user interfaces, I notice
 that the deity user interface already offers information about
 dependencies. I suggest that for deletions/downgrades, we also list
 packages that would be affected (just as we display packages that
 would have to be installed in order to install a new package X. 

	I think that an increased symmetry in the way we treat
 installation and deletions is desirable. 

	There already has been talk about sendmail/smail not being
 easy to get rid of on a machine once either has been installed; we
 need to recognize replacement of really important packages, and to
 ensure that packages that depend on the old package are still
 satisfied if the new package were in place.

	Darn. I note that pkg-order does not do this at the moment

	Do we need to interweave deletions with installations when we
 order events in deity? like
	uninstall some requested package
	uninstall some requested package
	uninstall sendmail
        install smail
	configure smail
	uninstall some requested package
	install package XXX
	install package YYY
	configure package XXX
	configure package YYY

	In which case, we have to come up with some rules about when
 the uninstall is to be done (default: all uninstalls happen first,
 then we have installation/configuration, as given by normal
 topological sorting like pkg-order does right now).

	I have no idea as to how to insert the deletes into the
 topological sort at the moment. Any ideas are appreciated.

	Comments? (I'll summarize for the deity team if needed)

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