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Re: I intend to stand for the project leadership

Well, I know i am a new man on the totem-pole, but what the heck.

> On Sun, 28 Sep 1997, joost witteveen wrote:
> > I think important qualities for a debian leader are
> > 
> >   - "Getting" the free software ideal.
> >   - Having support of a large majority of the debian developpers.
> >   - Being able to make well-informed desicions about what 
> >     routes debian should follow.
> Good points.  I would also suggest the addition of another quality that,
> in my opinion, is as important as all but technical knowledge: good
> communication skills and the ability to work well with others.  This is
> the sort of thing that can make the difference between developers getting
> angry and quitting (as might have happened recently), and things getting
> patched back together.

Compared to many of you veterans, I am relatively new Linux user; however, I have been using long enough to understand what makes a group suceed.  Since using Linux, I have both switched to Debian and seen quite a few Linux friends switch to Debian.  The Linux User Group I am in charge of here on campus is going to be having a Linux InstallFest soon, completely Debian.  The drive behind Debian that some of the other distributions lack is the enormous effort and commitment by the developers.  You guys have done an excellent job for which I am very grateful.

I think the main thing we need to realize about choosing a director for Debian is that he/she must be a balance of many traits.  These traits definately includes "Getting" the free software ideal.  It also must include, as said by others, being an excellent communicator and moderator.  In some aspects, a Debian leader must almost be a politician...at least he must be able to make good decisions based on the future and with his eyes set on the larger picture.

Must importantly, we need someone who will commit to supporting anyone, even if he/she doesn't end up the leader.  The last thing I want to see now is division in the Debian ranks.

Hope I haven't spoken too much or too out of turn.

Paul J. Thompson

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