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Re: Re^2: kde directory structure

On Sun 21 Sep 1997, Marco Budde wrote:
> Am 20.09.97 schrieb jwalther # citytel.net ...
> Moin Manong!
> MD> > >myself saying that you should put all under /opt/kde and not /usr/kde
> MD> > >or all spreaded into several places. !!
> Why do we need directories like /opt or share? All programs from Debian  
> packages should be installed under /usr and non Debian programs should be  
> installed under /usr/local.

share is a differnt topic (look at the fhs draft).

> IMHO we should put KDE under /usr/lib/kde.

not exactly. please read the kde fsstnd available on www.kde.org.
i will use /usr as base directory, but mode cgi-bin to lib/cgi-bin,
and include/* to include/kde/*. so far no program used parts/.
i know that it would be better to have share/kde/* instead of share/,
but i can liofe with that.

btw : there is no common guide what should be placed in /usr/X11R6 :
 - x window system (only thing with xfree as source)
 - x window applications (anything that only runs with x11)
 - applications that use xlib (dosemu, vim, ...)

my own opinion is, that /usr/X11R6 is for historic reasons, and for the
possibility to switch between two existing X11 versions. we have no need
for the second, but we should respect the first. every program that has
some history to be in /usr/X11R6 should go there (maybe all programs
starting with "x"), but not new programs or all programs.

i will package kde in /usr, not /usr/X11R6.


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