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Re: debstd-like tool for those who don't want to use debmake

On Sun 21 Sep 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:
> If you modify one of the scripts, you have to make sure everybody who
> has to build your package has a copy of your special modified version.
> It would be best to distribute it with the package it builds. This could
> make for some fat packages if many people modify it. I think it would be
> better to make it possible to turn sections off and have them be replaced
> with arbitrary makefile commands, rather than to have a path switch to
> modify them.

please look at automake. we could write a similiar program, that creates
debian/rules from debian/{autorules,rules.ar}. this design is far better
than a black box desing like debstd. joeyh's approach will create
several new and smaller and maybe only grey, but it will be black boxes.

i know debstd (i spend one day to sh -x debstd and understand it). a
month ago i read automake, moved several programs to automake, and i
knew, that we need a program that acts like automake.

please look at automake, thing about an autorules program.
i know, that automake isn't very well documented (no good intro, not
much examples etc). if you have questions, i'm eager to help.

see also : my long mail to joey hess

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