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Re: floppy devices

> does anyone use the floppy devices other than fdX ? linux autodetects
> nearly all formats, so i plan to remove all other devices from the boot

Yep. I often need to transfer things between computers using floppies, and
use fd0u1722. (Which I have found to be the most reliable of the > 1.44 MB

If I do a 'dd if=/dev/fd0 of=disk.img' on one of my 1.68MB formatted
disks, I only get a 1.44 MB image. (ie, I need to explicitly use fd0u1722.)
(I also have to format them to 1.68MB first, which can probably be done
by using fd0, but I find 'fdformat /dev/fd0u1722' to be the easiest.)

Personally, I'd prefer the extra nodes were kept around. I know it
would be fairly trivial to create them, but I don't think it would hurt
to leave them.

Just my thoughts,
Shaun Fielder, X/Motif Software Engineer
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