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Re: FTP site orginazation (draft 2)

Brian White wrote:
> After some discussion, the proposal is now:
>                 documents/      (auxillary documentation files [1])

> [1] This was proposed as an additional side-distribution where
>     documentation can be placed that is not directly attached to
>     programs within the main distribution.  Thus things like
>     "emacs-doc" would stay in "main" since it's directly attached
>     to emacs, ...

Well I don't know about emacs-doc (I'm vi_holic :-), but I would say
"user docs" and manpages to stay inside the binary package, while huge
bunch of other docs (development docs, e.g., but also Usenet-FAQs, HOWTO
in several format/language) as well as journals, bible (no binary: it
should split in two packages) and Shakespeare Opera Omnia stay

>      This would normally be shipped right along side
>     "main" on a CD, but if it gets too large, could be shipped on a
>     separate CD. 


>     Upload restrictions to this directory would also be greatly
>     relieved since it can't really have any adverse effects on a
>     system.

Right. The main idea was to keep up-to-date informations that changes
often, like HOWTOS FAQs and newspapers/enzines. (debian users continue
to use sunsite to get those docs, because their Cd are ... dated).

It would be nice to hear the opinion of some CD seller, on the idea of a
third Official CD with the docs + the updates.

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