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Re: Fixed. Re: I realize server space is precious.....

Manong Dibos <jwalther@citytel.net> writes:

> Ok, the fix is to set the directory to "/debian/hamm".  That is now
> working for me quite happily =)
> /dists/unstable does NOT work.
> Cheers and thanks for the help =)
> Jonathan Walther
> On 16 Sep 1997, Andy Guy wrote:
> > Things have moved around on the ftp site try giving dists/unstable as
> > the distribution. 

I meant /debian/dists/unstable but I am not so sure it will work with

There are several versions of dpkg-ftp, 1.4.9 in stable/unstable which
handles a single site which is a bugfix version of my last release
1.4.8.  Since then I have improved it (but still has a couple of
problems) and passed this code on to Klee who produced 1.5.1 (in
experimental).  This version is a big improvement (handles multiple
sites, only downloads Packages files if they have changed, big code
tidy up) and very nearly works - I fixed one small bug (the name of a
function was wrong checksite --> checkftp (I think)) but there is
another which is beyond my perl skills (it doesn't cd to the right
directory before downloading a file (or something like that)).
Another useful fix to it would be to avoid re-logging in to a ftp site
to get another packages file from the same site.


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