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Re: hamm libc5 compalible? (was Upgrading compface stops xemacs working)

Hakan Ardo <hakan@debian.org> writes:

> Isn't the ida to make the hamm distribution libc6 based only? Or should
> there be support for libc5 in it too? And in that case is there supposed
> to be two versions of every package one for libc5 and one for libc6? Or is
> it possible to have one library compatible with both libc5 and libc6?

hamm still supports building and using libc5 packages.  So each shared
library package must provide two version of the library and two
versions of the development package.  See
/usr/doc/debian-policy/libc6-migration.text.gz for details (if you've
got debian-policy installed)


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