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Re: Bug#12856: bug system shouldn't send 200Kb-mails to maintainers

	I agree that 200kb messages are annoying (and quite
 disgraceful, actually). But I do not think that the solution is to
 brush them under the rug. 

	Why _do_ we have 200kb of bug reports? Now that we have the
 wishlist category (Ian: maybe the widhlist bufs do not need to
 go into the weekly mail messages), there is no reason to have so many
 visible bugs.

	I keep hearing proposals from people to not see bugs on the
 web (only see a subset), and now, not even on the mailing list. The
 process is being asked to be made voluntary and optional, so it would
 be easier to ignore the reports. I think we should be fixing bugs
 rather than hiding them.

	The lists are a reminder. They are also a goad. (or should
 be). If their utility is debateable, we should be talking about how
 to enhance their effectiveness, rather than how more easily to ignore
 the problems facing the distribution as a whole.

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