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Re: New ftp section for libc[45] - what to call it?

Vincent Renardias wrote:
> > > So does anybody have a clever idea as to what to call it - 
> > > libc4and5, oldlibc, glibc1, libc5, oldlibs?
> >
> > IMHO, oldlibs sounds best.
> I'd rather call it 'obsolete'. So if one day we need to keep
> somewhere old packages not necessarilly containing libraries,
> we'll be able to put them there too.

I agree. Something like "obsolete" is the way to go. But
"obsolete" sounds like these are obsolete packages... it's
best to make clear that they are _normal_ packages that just
deal with obsolete {libraries|formats|whatever}.

Something akin to "legacy".

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