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Re: proposed changes to Debian web pages

In article <[🔎] m0x9fuo-000SqCC@localhost>,
Jeff Sheinberg <jeffsh@templinux.bucknell.edu> wrote:
> The Netscape default, i.e., with BGCOLOR omitted, produces a nice, easy
> on the eyes grey.

This is not what the research has shown -- readability is produced by
high contrast.  That's why books are printed on white paper and not
grey.  Ask in comp.human-factors.

If a white screen flickers for you, you should probably try a higher
refresh rate.  I have 75 Hz and I would like to go higher.  This is
important even for grey backgrounds, because although you may not
consciously notice the flicker, it is still straining your eyes.  Drop
to a lower resolution and gain a few Hertz in exchange.
Shields, CrossLink.

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