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Re: Tetris packages - need a less-trademarked name

Joey, yer a great guy, a great developer, and I respect you.  But
sometimes a little communication can go a long way.

For instance, if I hadnt done some communicating of my own, would we now
have a JH Core package, and a wizard eagerly working to shape up OpalCore
for release?  And you were worried the wizards would think you were a
nobody.. As soon as I mentioned you were a developer for a major linux
distribution, they hopped on irc to talk to you.  (in one case, the guy
hadnt irc'd for 7 years)

Same here.  Talk to those lawyers tactfully, mention how what you are
doing is common, make a polite suggestion they could get more "bang for
buck" suing you all together (debian, redhat, slackware) and say you are
looking into it, and would like to see how they deal with the other
parties.  Etc.

Remember, delaying tactics are always more effective than just conforming


Jonathan Walther

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> The problem is, they are attacking _us_ (by attacking one of our mirrors).
> We can't afford to wait, we have to take some action now. So I've asked Guy
> to temporarily remove xtetris from debian.

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