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Tetris packages - need a less-trademarked name -- summary

I thought I'd summarize the suggestions I have so far. I've taken the
liberty of ranking them by how much I prefer them.

1.  tnt             (Tnt's Not T*tr*s)
2.  fourtris        (tet=four, prounounced "fortris")
3.  tgfkat          (the game formerly known as t*tr*s)
4.  tet
5.  tetrix
6.  tetrominoes
7.  wkrfbg          (well known russian falling blocks game)
8.  nyetris
9.  sirtet          (Tetris spelled backwards)
10. tetrom
11. tetro

Thank you all for your suggestions.

Since I do maintain xtetris, I guess the final decision is mine to make..
I think we can get away with calling tetris t*tr*s in package descriptions
(or just properly attribute the trademark), and on the debian menu system.

If you have a strong objection to the name tnt, please let me know why,
otherwise, I'll rename xtetris to xtnt in 24 hours.

see shy jo

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