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Re: /bin/sh - /bin/bash

Hi folks!

Let me try to summarize this discussion:

 1. Currently, /bin/sh is symlinked to /bin/bash on _every_ new installed
Debian system, since /bin/sh is installed with the bash package, which is
in our base system.

    Thus, I wouldn't consider it as a bug if a package (currently) uses
/bin/sh as bash. (We might change this, perhaps.)

 2. FSSTND (and FHS draft) do not require /bin/sh to be a "bash". They
also mention ksh as possible replacement for /bin/sh. However, our pdksh
installs in /usr/bin/ksh which one should not symlink to /bin/sh if /usr
is on a different partition (otherwise, the default shell would not be
available when the system has problems and is started without /usr).

 3. In which situation would /bin/sh be another shell than bash? AFAICS,
this can only be if the sysadmin has manually re-linked /bin/sh to another

So the real question is if we support step 3. If we would do so, we would
have to write down a list about which shells are supported as /bin/sh, so
that the maintainers could check their scripts against these shells. Only
these shells would be "supported" as replacement for /bin/sh .

Note, that this would be a policy change which would cause a lot of work
for our maintainers. So we should only make it, if really necessary.

Please don't file any bug reports concerning this until we have a
resolution of this topic.

(Anyways, what's the connection to debmake/debstd then?)

Should we move this discussion to debian-policy now?



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