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Re: pgp and MH


> i use mh and am wondering the best way for me to use pgp with my mail.
> any good ideas?  i have heard of nmh.  is it maybe a good idea?

Please use and test "Mew". Please see http://www.mew.org/
Mew can handle PGP/MIME(RFC2015) and any MIME message.
Mew use emacs/XEmacs.

Debian-jp(Japanese debian project) has this package.

note: Mew develovers team now working for independ from MH.
      mew-1.70 is last version for MH use.

 Araki Yasuhiro // NAIST  yasuhi-a@is.aist-nara.ac.jp, yasu@Mew.org

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