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Re: xlib6g and emacs (and others)

Erv Walter <edwalter@iname.com> wrote:
> David Engel <david@sw.ods.com> wrote:

> > > Now, I don't know if emacs (and 90% of other executables) is broken,
> > > or if there is a problem with xlib6g or if ld.so is not working.

> > I haven't noticed any other problems yet.  However, there is a
> > potential problem with Xaw3d and neXtaw just waiting to happen.  These
> > packages should be rebuilt ASAP with the proper libc dependency
> > explicitly compiled in.

> That may be part of my trouble.  The things I noticed first are that
> xconsole and xpmroot no longer worked and that I could not log in with
> xdm (immediatly logged out).  This may be a problem with fvwm2.  I
> will investigate furthur into which programs in addition to these have
> problems.

It seems that all programs that use libXpm are also not working for me
with xlib6g.  I don't know if every program needs changed or if libXpm
just needs fixed.  In either case, It seems important that these
issues get resolved ASAP.  If someone who understands the details of
the problem would file a bug report with whichever package is the
culprit, I'd be grateful.  I would, but I don't know if it is the
individual packages (fvwm2, sxpm, etc...) or the library.


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