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New packages: gom,uae,xpcd + style question



 I am a new maintainer; herewith I humbly request a slight change
to the prospective packages list (1), plus some optional-to-read
notes (2). 
(1) First of all, I would like you, Philippe, to change the "Work-Needing
and Prospective Packages".  I am listed there now as
- ---old---
Stephan Suerken suerken@fh-worms.de :

o  uae
o  hpcdtoppm
o  xpcd
- ---old---

Please remove hpcdtoppm, and add gom:
- ---new---
Stephan Suerken suerken@fh-worms.de :

o  uae
o  gom
o  xpcd
- ---new--

(The new release of xpcd does not need hpcdtoppm any more (xpcd
actually supercedes hpcdtoppm, and there were copyright problems with
hpcdtoppm anyway...); gom is a "generic" audio mixer (my own little
invention, no one objected packaging it so far ;)).


(2) As for the packages: they are ready in so far that they all run
"ok" on my bo system as bo test packages. However, due to some misc
misc local resource problems, I don't yet have a hamm system (but I am
working on it ;). So, maybe it will take some more days until I
actually upload the packages.

 Im the meantime, I would appreciate some thoughts about this simple
packaging question (maybe asked often before here?):

 The gom binary can be compiled with/without ncurses support and
with/without X support. Ncurses is standard, so there is no reason to
compile without that of course. The policy manual says one should not
create seperate non-x binaries, as it would be as easy as to install
the base xlib package; however, the X gom binary uses xview and so
additionally depends on the _optional_ xview package.
 So my question is: Is it worthwile -- or good policy -- to provide
two different binary packages (gom,gom-x) to prevent users from
installing the optional xview if they don't want to, or is this to
much ado about nothing?
 Note: both, the ncurses and the X interface of gom are not regarded
vital for the use of gom by the upstream author (which is me..); they
are only nice add-ons to the command line interface.
 I personally at the moment tend to providing two packages using

Thanks for any thoughts in adavance,

- --Stephan
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