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Re: Intention to re-write /usr/sbin/install-info

On 9 Sep 1997, Ben Pfaff wrote:

> As a side note in this discussion, are the interfaces of the two
> install-info programs reconcilable; i.e., could one write a front-end
> script that detects which install-info program (GNU or Debian) is
> needed, and then call either ginstall-info or dinstall-info,
> depending?
> If this can be done, then it would be a Good Thing to write, IMHO. 

I wrote a script for this, but no one seemed to care for it.  I thought it
was a good thing too, needing only a simple switch/case statement.  Maybe
everyone was getting it confused with the first script I wrote which was a
bad thing.  If anyone has the gnu install-info options (i.e. the top of
the man page), send it to me and I'll repost the script for comment.


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