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Re: Libraries upgrading policy (Was: Bug#9826)

>>>>> "Mirek" == Mirek Kwasniak <mirek@zind.ikem.pwr.wroc.pl> writes:

    Mirek> I've got in /var/log/lp-errs:

 I can't get mine to print either.  That log file did not exist, and
when I created it, it wasn't used.

    Mirek>   /usr/bin/gs: can't load library 'libXt.so.6'
    Mirek> /usr/sbin/ljet4-filter: /usr/bin/gs -q -dSAFER -dNOPAUSE
    Mirek> -r600 -sDEVICE=ljet4 -sOutputFile=- - failed

    Mirek> I have 3 solutions for this problem 1) down and up lpd
    Mirek> demon 2) Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in /etc/lpd.conf 3) Set
    Mirek> LD_LIBRARY_PATH in filter script

 It just tried solution 2, and found a `gs' core file in
/var/spool/lpd/dj600.  Anyone need to look it over?

mailto:karlheg@inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom)
Portland, OR  USA
Debian GNU 1.3.1  Linux 2.0.30+parport AMD K5 PR-133

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