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dpkg-source features

are there special requirements for debian .diff.gz files ?
i wondered, why dpkg-source uses find to get all files, and then
executes diff on every file.

i have a package in my cvs tree to manage it and improve it, and this
doesn't work very well with dpkg-source :
 - it ignores deleted files (diff has an option to thread them as empty)
 - it doesn't ignores CVS/ (diff can do that).

now i create my diff files on my own with diff -udrNPx CVS
(i hope this is ok) and call dpkg-buildpackage with the -b option.

before i start writing my own dpkg-source or patch it (i don't want to
create diff and dsc manual) : did someone improve dpkg-source this way ?

note : most people will use cvs-buildpackage, and so they don't have the
CVS/ problem. but this isn't possible in my case.


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