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Re: libc6 too unstable ?

joost@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl (joost witteveen) writes:

> > I should take this time to put in a concern of mine.
> Then I'll take some time to advertise a solution of mine, again.

Great :-)

> rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl is your friend!
> I'm handing out longins to my machine for people to buidl libc6
> versions of their packages.
> Mail me if you want an account (to other people: if you are a 
> reasonably new developper, and I may not have your PGP key in my
> keyring yet. Could you then include a key in your message? [1])

I'm curious -- you probably don't want to hand out root to everyone;
how is building accomplished without root access?

> Yes, that's perfectly OK. In fackt, unstable is already stable enough
> to switch right now, so no reason to wait!

Well, I've been watching it, and until the X libraries are out, it
makes me rather nervous...

> > Notice: You may purchase the right to send me unsolicited commercial e-mail
> > ("spam") for the fee of $500 (USD) per message. 
> Oops -- I just advertised my computer! And, I cannot remember you
> solicited for that advert. Still, I'm not going to pay!

Well, it wasn't unsolicited and it wasn't commercial.  So that snippet
doesn't apply to you :-)

It was an e-mail, but it has to be all three to apply :-)

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