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Re: Debian libc5 (stable) to libc6 (unstable) Mini-HOWTO (regular posting, updated)

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.970823234819.12976A-100000@olorin.dyn.ml.org>, Scott 
Ellis writes
  >  4.2.  /sbin/e2fsck
    The e2fsck program in e2fsprogs_1.10-4 has a bug in it which will
  >  cause it to destroy data on partitions above 2GB in size.  The version
  >  in e2fsprogs_1.10-5 has fixed this bug.  IMPORTANT: If you run the
  >  older libc6-based e2fsck on a 2 GB or greater partition, YOU WILL LOSE
  >  DATA.

I had problems with that version of e2fsck, EVEN THOUGH (by my calculations) 
my partition was less than 2Gb (= 2 * 1024^3) by 67Mb.

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