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Re: dpkg, dselect

On Sep 3, Peter Hanely wrote
> I am trying to install Debian as an upgrade to an existing system
> (slackware) and need the programs dpkg and dselect to bootstrap access to
> the packages.

Sounds like a question for debian-user rather than debian-devel. Check out
the mailing list archives; this has been done before.

> As I imagine others may be in a simular situation, I suggest that these
> files be provided as a transfer/bootstrap set along with any other files
> which may be needed for other Linux relieses to install Debian packages.

You can find .tar.gz archives of dpkg/dselect binaries as
project/experimental/dpkg*nondebbin.tar.gz on the FTP sites; I don't know
for sure what the other required files would be, but I think a decent
/bin/sh and perl will get you quite far.

Note though that there are easier ways to upgrade: boot from the debian boot
disk, mount your existing Linux partitions, exit to the shell, copy your
configuration files to a safe place and clean out everything but them and
the home directories, quit the shell and install the base.

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