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Re: Checking for old tex packages .....

On 2 Sep 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >>"Carey" == Carey Evans <c.evans@clear.net.nz> writes:
> Carey> Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes: [snip]
> Carey> Wouldn't it be easier, faster and more compatible with dpkg to
> Carey> do something like:
>  [...] snipped
> 	No, this won't work as expected, since dpkg truncates things
>  in column 2 to fit. Try something like the snippet below my signature
>  (untested, but should work)
> Carey> Am I missing something?
> 	Only one of the installed package names is correct below.

But this is just the way the old script is working (AFAIK)--and it's
definitely too slow.

What's your (Carey) problem with my script? dpkg-perl is thought as a
programming interface to dpkg--so it's quite compatible. And it's way
faster than the old one. (Of course, if you have a better idea, please let
me know.)



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