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Broken dependancies (xemacs19 -> compace & libc5 -> locales)

While doing my almost daily upgrade from hamm the other day, I discovered
two little annoyances.

First up, the latest libc5 release claims to depend on locales >= 2.04-1.
I have 2.04-1 (the latest) so no problem, right.  However, libc5 is also
marked as conflicting with locales <= 2.04-1.

Second, compface was upgraded from 89.11.11-9 to -10; it's now linked against 
libc6, all well and good.  Xemacs19, however, doesn't know that & suddenly
stopped working due to libcompface.so's referencing sigsetjmp, a libc6-ism.

I'm sure that both package maintainers are on top of this, but thought I'd 
pass the info along just to be safe...

"Normality is a statistical illusion." -- me

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