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Re: unwanted package resolution

On Sep 2, Hamish Moffatt <hmoffatt@mail.com> wrote:

 >The software in question is ifmail, a Fidonet mail gateway
 >and transport. If pre-configured with Fidonet addresses
I think you are a bit late, I already packaged ifmail (the -tx version) and
I'm going to upload it on master as soon as I will know the password for
my account [1]. I announced my will to package ifmail more than two weeks
ago on debian-devel and in that time I discussed some details with the
(proposed) fidogate maintainer and with some other people.
You can find a nearly finished version (I haven't uploaded there the last one)
at ftp://ftp.linux.it/pub/ILS/People/md/.

 >etc, it will generate packets which will be annoying
 >to Fidonet neighbours, in the author's terms.
I followed the policy and wrote that in the postinst and required the user
to press a key.
Anyway I don't think this is a problem, before sending echomail with a
wrong address the user will also have to configure the Areas file and
his newsfeeds file.

[1] I have been subscribed to debian-private some days ago but I don't know
if my account on master has been created, should I ask someone?


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