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Re: upstream author asks not to do a package

On Sun, Aug 31, 1997 at 09:13:21PM +1000, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> I expressed interest in doing a package of a particular product
> to the author, and he asked me not to do a package, but
> noted that the license says I am free to anyway if I want to.
> He specifically asked if I was associated with Debian
> (it is mentioned in my .signature). I have not heard back
> from him why yet, but I don't want to do a package against
> his wishes, even if we can. Has anyone else ever had an
> experience like this? Why would an author be against a package
> of his software?

An update to this; the author is concerned that a ready to run
package would be pre-configured, and (I agree) that the package
cannot be used without some configuration by the admin.
I have assured him that we can provide the package not
configured (eg as pppd), especially since this software
interacts with the mail system and needs installation in smail,
sendmail or whatever. Waiting for a revised verdict.

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