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New packages: abc2ps and abcmidi

I've more or less finished Debianizing the current versions of the abc2ps
and abcmidi programs (they have to do with typesetting and playing music
from scores written in the abc format, for a description see

It wasn't a whole lot of work; I'm saying `more or less' because I
presume I will have to link them against libc6 before they can go into
the Debian distribution. Is that correct? And are there any hints about
how to set up the C environment so I can link just these two packages
with the new library? I don't think I'm ready to upgrade to the new
C library for `everything' just yet, and we will presumably want to
compile our own stuff against libc5 for a while, to be safe (this is a
shared machine).

Anselm Lingnau (lingnau@tm.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de) Schwanheimer Strasse 66
You see things, and you say `Why?' But I dream things  60528 Frankfurt, Germany
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