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Re: mars_nwe licensing

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> I'm working on a package of mars_nwe, a netware server for linux.
> (It's in the thinking stage.) I haven't checked the license
> for mars_nwe itself yet but have been using it for years,
> and don't think there will be a problem. (I will of course check
> it out before doing any work on it.)
> However, for a Netware client to login to the server,
> the server needs to have a copy of the standard Novell SYS:LOGIN
> directory, which is obviously copyright Novell and
> not packagable in any form. Can mars_nwe go into the main
> distribution like this? Or even into debian at all?

It can go into contrib.  If it is functional without that piece, it might 
even be able to go into main.  (providing the license is DFSG compliant)


 - Jim

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