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Re: Microsoft/Marimba/W3C Open Software Description (OSD)

> Well, it mostly looks like an HTML wrapping for software&dependancies
> that all package management system already implement, nothing much

Actually, it doesn't look that much like HTML -- the tags they use
actually *mean* something, making it a far cleaner SGML/XML
application than HTML will ever be...

I'd like to see someone from Debian (and probably from Redhat as well,
but after actually producing a handful of RPM's at work [we use it
under Solaris] it's amazing that the package build system works at
all, it's an amazing hack and has hardly any nailed-down structure)
send in comments, at least on the scope of the functionality, if not
also on the typos [ie. clearly they should have an open registry for
names, probably the IANA since I don't think the W3C actually does
that themselves... otherwise they'll end up with the HINFO mess all
over again...]

> Another funny one: the example URLs they give point to www.acme.com, but
   So far, ACME Laboratories is merely the business name for Jef
   Poskanzer doing software development and consulting. Perhaps someday
   it will be more.

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