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Writting an admin tool for X.


I'm the author of "AdminN for OS/2 WarpServer", an administration tool
that you probably don't know. I plan to rewrite it in Java, to make it
portable accros OS/2 releases... and:
I'm considering the extention of this tool for Linux, and more precisely
the Debian release, due to its particular "free" design.
Is there anybody working in such project ? I mean an administration tool
under XWindows like Sun's admintool, or AIX's adminstuff ?
If not, I'll do it anyway... alone. And I'll upload full source code in
you incoming directory, debian-packaged of course.

I hope to read you soon.

	Thank you for your efforts, for the Debian release, and so on :)

Mathieu Lubrano,
Student engineer

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