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Re: Need advice for migration to pgsql

>      Also, do not use the
>      pg_dumpall script from v6.0 or everything will be owned by the
>      postgres super user. 

Well, couldn't you just do the dump in the postinst then? 

> Looking into the details, I don't see a clear upgrade path to cover
> all possible cases.. I can't even assume the postgres95 postmaster is
> running and postgres95 didn't provide a startup script in /etc/init.d
> (pgsql will).

Maybe just prompt, then do a killall.

> Taking into account a comment from Oliver Elphick <olly@lfix.co.uk> as
> well as a private email from David R Baker <dabaker@InfoAve.Net> on
> the same subject I will look into letting pgsql coexist with its
> predecessor postgres95. This will necessitate changing the port on
> wich the pgsql postmaster is listening as well as using different data
> and library directories and diverting postgres95 executables that are
> replaced by upgraded pgsql versions.

That's a bad idea.  Why would anybody want to have postgres95 hanging
around?  And definitely don't change the port for the postmaster - or
any client/server apps and drivers that want to communicate to pgsql
will have to be changed too.  My guess is that hardly anyone is using
the postgres95 package - so don't spend too much effort trying to do
everything automatically.

> > Another comment, why is it called "pgsql"? Wouldn't it be less cryptic
> > to use the long name "postgresql"?
> Simply a matter of taste or call it sheer lazyness. 

I like "pgsql".  It's shorter and has less vowels.  :-)


 - Jim

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