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Re: Need advice for migration to pgsql

On 13 Aug 1997, Siggy Brentrup wrote:

> Then, the v6.1.1 INSTALL file instructs to use the pg_dumpall utility
> from v6.1 up to backup an existing database.
> Since pgsql replaces files from postgres95, the backup has to be run
> before pgsql is unpacked or postgres95 is removed.
> I'm thinking of a postgres95-migrate package where pgsql predepends
> upon. Its postinst will check for postgres95 being installed and only
> when this test succeeds prompt the user whether existing databases are
> to be dumped. The postinst will only succeed when postgres95 is not
> installed or existing databases have been successfully dumped.

I propose a simpler (IMHO) method:

pgsql Conflicts: with postgres95, but does NOT replace it.  In case of
conflict, pgsql's preinst gives a warning and tell the command to run to
uninstall postgres95 properly. (a bit like the conversion from the old TeX
distribution to the new TeTeX). 

I really dislike the idea of having a wrapper package (which given the
Pre-Depends: line, even people who don't use postgres95 will be forced to


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