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Re: XZX Copyright (again)

> 	Hi.
> 	I'm afraid I won't be able to package XZX even in non-free; I
> wrote to the author asking for his copygiht, and here's his answer:
> > From: Erik Kunze <Erik.Kunze@fantasy.muc.de>
> > To: cespedes@etsit.upm.es (Juan Cespedes)
> > Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 18:57:08 +0200
> > Subject: Re: XZX Copyright
> > 
>       (snip)
> > However, I would appreciate if you distribute a binary-only version with
> > Debian. In that case I could give you the permission to change the source
> > code (only to make it compile under Debian Linux).
> > 
> > And I get a Debian CD-ROM for free.
> > 
> > You must not change any version number, copyright notice nor documentation
> > of XZX. There is a XZX distribution for RedHat available.
> > 
>       (snip)
> 	Well, I could package it into non-free, but only if there
> wasn't that "And I get a Debian CD-ROM for free".  What do you think?
> Should I forget packaging it and writing just an installer?

Well, it's up to you (or someone else) to send him a CD-ROM.  The fact
that you have to "pay" him shouldn't keep it out of non-free.  Plus,
maybe he'd try Debian and like it.  :-)

The other option is to try to educate him in the ways of Free Software.
Maybe sending him a CD ROM would help?  Obviously, he doesn't have
much to gain by keeping his software proprietary.  Maybe he'd have
a change of heart and GPL it if he understood it better.

Frankly, the author seems like a bit of a kook -- but I guess that's not
surprising since he did write a ZX Spectrum emulator.  :-)


 - Jim

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