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Re: problem with version

On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, Galen Hazelwood wrote:

I cc it on debian-devel, as I feel that these thoughts about the gcc
packages need a discussion. Skip those if they are already overly discussed.
By the way: is that diety or deity?
> Okay, the problem is on your side.  :)
ACK, and it had been gnat again :(
I couldn't check if it is still persist with gnat, because it depend on gcc
> I know that gcc and aout-gcc can coexist without any difficulty, having
> used both for a while.  Therefore, I strongly suspect
> i386-unknown-cygwin32 of messing things up.  I don't know what package
> that is, or how it works, but it may have the same problem the old gnat
it's win32gcc
We have too many gcc packages, I feel. Playing some with them, I've found
the following ones:
altgcc (dunno what it is)
win32 gcc
and the "official" one.
I feel that we could be more consistent, if the gcc package would contain
all of them, or at most there have been two gcc's: one for pure C,
and the other for C++,objc,ada,fortran and whatever else, and it would be
capable of outputting all binary formats ued: elf, aout, win32 coff, (and
possibly elks?).
Or another approach would be that there is a "base" gcc package which knows
about the possibility of all above, and there are different packages who
have only the language or output-format specific part. With this approach it
would be easy to insert cross-compiler support, which we sonn will need
badly, as ports to other architectures evolve.

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