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Modula 3 packages

are almost ready; the trouble is, I don't have the time to complete the
job, nor maintain the end result. The status is:

  - Bootstrap compiler - the Debianisation appears to be OK.
  - Modula 3 itself - compiles, and gets dumped into the debian/tmp
    directory. I've even gone so far as to write a few (rather ugly,
    IMO) shell scripts and a C program to split everything up into
    groups - eg, libm3, libm3-dev, libm3x, etc. Changing the way things
    are split up should be fairly easy. Descriptions, and finishing off
    the rules file, still need to be done.
  - m3gdb - not even started. Probably easiest to use something adapted
    from the mainstream gdb. (I've heard vague rumours about the M3 patches
    being applied to gdb 4.16, but I don't know how well this works.)
  - html documentation - not even started. Recursive copy into
    debian/tmp/usr/doc or some such?
  - PS documentation - ergh. :-)

AFAICT, the hardest part of building M3 packages would be coaxing the
system into installing the files in .../debian/tmp/usr/... rather than
/usr/... - that seems to be taken care of. Note, however, that I haven't
actually _built_ packages of the Modula 3 stuff, nor installed everything
(only the bootstrap compiler), so I don't know how well what I've done
will actually work.

If anybody wants to experiment with it, drop me a line (at this address,
please; I'm not subscribed to debian-devel); I'm happy to make
it all available. (I accept no responsibility for nausea, heart attacks,
etc. caused by viewing these files :-)


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